List of poker sites all Canadian players should see

If playing online poker is your goal, part of achieving it is researching all the most reputable, secure sites that provide the services you’re looking for. As a poker fan living in Canada, your options will differ from American friends or European friends, so be sure to only consult resources that are specifically attuned to the needs of Canada-based players. Our list of poker sites for Canadian players is short and sweet for two reasons. First of all, the difference in quality between online poker sites is often huge, and the best of the best stand out when you know what factors to compare. Second, after the online poker shutdown of 2011, we all know that security and stability are huge issues, and this means trusting only those sites that have earned it. List of poker sites recommended for the discerning Canadian online poker fan: 888 Poker is the first choice of the Poker.ca team due to the number of readers who consistently cite it as their preferred online poker room, in addition to being at the top of our list of poker sites that have proved to be ethical, secure, and a lot of fun. Party Poker, another secure site with great ranking in Canada, also makes our list of poker sites. The company behind this poker room is publically traded and incredibly stable, meaning that players can trust that it will be around in the future.

source: http://poker.ca

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